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We are an American marketing and advertising company "Russian Brands, LLC" based in New York. We specialize in online business directories, featuring a wide range of Russian speaking professionals of almost all industries in the USA. Our mission is to help consumers connect with local business owners throughout the United States. We utilize all modern technologies and tools to persue our goal while eliminating language barriers. We build fully bilingual business directories featuring great amount of information related and inputed by business owners. We think that it is very important to provide people with the right information, so they can browse our websites and find real businesses, not spam. Each and every submission to our directory is verified by our editorial team, we approve and publish business profiles only if they are legit. We delete and bann users providing spam, duplicates and unverifiable submissions. The entire industry of marketing has already changed, what is really amazing is that Russian Brands has been leading that change since very beginning. We excell in innovating and build the most advanced marketing solutions for our clientele. We implement advanced features all working together to provide unparalleled user experience our competition has not heard of. We generate great amount of leads for business owners while bringing tons of consumers to their business profiles in real time. If you have questions, please call us 212-333-4000
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